At tnp academy, we celebrate neighborhoods everywhere by supporting local talent, telling their stories, and sharing the meaning and wonder of human connection.


In response to the social isolation crisis gripping the united states, we bring the focus back to everyday Americans who, through their community work, are rebuilding the nation from the ground up.


We are dedicated neighborhood researchers, first identifying the inherent values present in thriving communities and then creating hubs (both online and off) where those values can be practiced, discussed and amplified for the benefit of all of us - fostering a mutual sense of purpose.

tnp academy champions

Jill and Steve Karp

The Dale and Laura Kutnick Foundation
Richard G. Phillips

Lauren Walsh - Allatt/Walsh Foundation

The Nantucket Golf Club Foundation

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

The John Templeton Foundation


tnp academy patron fellows

Mark P. Famiglia

Blair LaCorte 
Timothy and Alicia Mullen

Paul Schaeffer

tnp academy fellows

George and Abigail Albrecht, Jr.

George Albrecht, Sr.

Peter and Nancy Allatt

Celeste and Bruce Amlicke

Tom and Kathy Arrix

Dale Atkins - Rosen

Winthrop Baker

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

Ritchie Battle

Westray Battle

Ben Beuttell

Brian Bill

Ingrid Bischoff

Susan Blount

Janathan Denn

Anne Marie and Douglas Bratton

Kathryn Briger

Gretchen Burke

Banjamin and Linda Butcher

Stephanie Byington

Robin Carey

Christopher Carlson

Colleen Casey

Christopher Casgar

Kevin and Jane Cassidy

Kathryn Cavanaugh

Michael Christopher

Lawrence Chu

Kimberly Clarke

Shelley Cline

Lisette Coen

Jennifer and Stephen Cohen

Michael Conway

Randi Cutler

Diane Danvers Simmons

Camillo Didonato

Ronald Dozoretz

Mary Duty

Terry Dwan

Michael Farello

Nancy and Steven Fischman

Kerry Fitzmaurice

Heather and Rand Gesing

Rosanna Giaclone

Kristine and Greg Gigliotti

Tricia Glynn

Robert Goldrich

Joseph Goldsmith

Ann and Graham Gund

Ginny Grenham

Jennifer Griffith

Steffanie Haase

Dominic Hadeed

Edmund and Barbara Hajim

Mark Hall

Joanie Hall

Wendy Harman

Chris and Elizabeth Harned

Alan and Kim Hartman

Alfred Heitkonig

Dirk Herbert

Debra Hess

Deborah and Kurt Hilzinger

James Ingrahm

Barbara Jelleme

Nan Johnson

Cindy Jones

Jill Joyce

Kate Kane

Kate Keith

Katherine Kendrick

Bradley and Kimberly Keywell

Kathy and Kenneth Kies

Kim Kimball

Janna Kohl

Camilla Kolber

Dan Kurani

Lenora Larson

Leeann Leahy

Dephne Leroy

Lewy Lewis

Jan and Russell MacDonnell

Nancy Mack

Carolyn MacKenzie

Mimi MacLean

Melissa McKeithen

Joey Magliocco

Nicolas Maitret

Jocelyn Mangan

Sally Mann

Nick Marsh

Demond Martin

Pete Maulik

Alli McCartney

Stephen P. McGhee

Melissa McKeithen

Lynn Mercein

Elizabeth Miller

Hillary Miller

Dinesh Moorjani

Alicia Mullen

Brooke Mullen

Steve Mulligan

Neil Murphy

Joel Myers, PhD

Cheryl and Jahm Najafi

Carol Nast

Franci Neely

Eric Nelson

Ofer Nemirovsky

Corinne Nevinny

Alice Constance Newton

Kalina Nikolova

Margaret Anne and Jim Nolen

M.E. and Christopher O'Connor

Zibby and Kyle Owens

Jon and Katie Owsley

Marie Palandjian

Samuel Perry

Lindsay Purcell

Karen Rainwater

Palmer Ramsay

Sanjay Rawal

John Replogle

Gail Reynolds

Michael D. Rhea

Brian Rice

Duncan and Elizabeth Richardson

Michael Rhea

Maria and George Roach

Edward Rogers

Ronald Rosansky

Robert Rosen

Karee Rowen

Molly Ryan

Alexander Saint-Amand

Kathryn Salmanowitz

Susan Saunders

Claudia Scott

Francesca Schuler

Kristine Shadek

Alessandra Simons

Gene Sisco

Joyce Storm

Anne Swan

Rob Sweeney

Jennifer Tarelton

Beth Terrana

Lynn Tetrault

Linda Thompson

Doug Tudor

Div Turakhia

Louise Turner

Darryl Wade

Daniel Wagner

Cathy Wappler

Lindsay Waterbury

Andrea Weiss

Alex Winston

Rebecca and Scott Williams

Tyler and Michele Wolfram

Donald and Christina Young

Barbara Zaccagnini

Gillian Zettler

Paul A. Zevnick

Susan Zises Green